Area A: Nanoparticles

Philipp Ritzert (von Klitzing)
Bhuwan Poudel (Kremer)

Area B: Supramolecules

Oliver Stach (Besenius)
Gokul Govind (Speck)

Area C: Supraparticles

Melis Yetkin (Butt)
Yashraj Manish Wani (Nikoubashman)

Area D: Microgels

Torsten Linder (Seiffert)
Jude Ann Vishnu (Schmid)

Area X

Leila Saheb Mohamadi (von Klitzing)

Affiliated Students

Maren Schweitzer (Besenius)

Yuqing Wang (Besenius)

Rodrique Badr (Schmid)
Lukas Hauer (Vollmer)
Maximilian Hielscher (Waldvogel)
Tasos Sourpis (Schmid)
Janka Bauer (Nikoubashman)
Dr. Lorena Baranda Pellejero, Post-Doc (Walther)
Swapnasopan Datta (Walther)
Weixiang Chen (Walther)
Florian Mast (Diezemann)
Atieh Razavi (von Kltizing)
Kritika Kritika (Nikoubashman)

If you would like to join the Research Training Group, please send us your CV and a motivation letter stating your current project, how it fits the scope of the GRK2516, and whether you have a tandem partner in the complementary field.