Florian Mast

PhD Student
Associate member of the GRK2516
Group: Prof. Gregor Diezemann, JGU Chemistry
Contact: E-mail, Web

Research Project: Theory

My research project is part of the ECHELON project, in which theoretical and experimental investigations are used to expand the direct usage of electricity as reagent in key electrochemical reactions for which this approach is not  currently available. My contribution in the project is about optimizing the selection of supporting electrolytes for electrochemical reductions, which play a key role at the surface of the cathode. As the volume around the cathode is strongly polarized, these are non-equilibrium processes and the project thereby fits very well within the scope of the GRK2516.
For the theoretical part quantum chemical calculations are performed for many different quaternary ammonium cations, which are the most reliable molecules to be used as supporting electrolyte in reduction reactions. Based on the calculated properties I aim to select the best possible cations for certain electrochemical reactions. The experimental tandem part of the project is performed in the group of Prof. Dr. Siegfried Waldvogel, in co-operation with Maximilian Hielscher, also an associate student of the GRK2516.