Janka & Yuqing elected new student speakers

Janka Bauer and Yuqing Wang were elected in February as the new student speakers of the GRK2516 for 2023. We are looking forward to working together!
We extend special thanks to Oliver Stach and Anastasios Sourpis, who did a great job as speakers for the year 2022, especially for the organization of the Workshop in October 2022.

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Kurt Kremer receives the Berni J. Alder CECAM prize

The Berni J. Alder prize awarded by CECAM every three years goes to GRK PI Kurt Kremer for "exceptional contributions to the microscopic simulation of polymers, setting the standards for using numerical simulation to probe conceptual issues in polymer physics and establishing it as an indispensable tool in materials science" (read more). Congratulations!

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Pol and Thomas receive „Forcheurs Jean-Marie Lehn” 2022

GRK PI Pol Besenius and Mercator fellow Thomas Hermans have been awarded the prestigious „Forcheurs Jean-Marie Lehn” prize in 2022. The price goes to promising cooperations of young German-French researchers. Congratulations!

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SupraChem 2022, New dates: 3–5 July 2022

SupraChem 2022 will be held in Mainz on 3–5 July 2022, and will take place on the premises of the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research and the Johannes Gutenberg University campus. This national meeting will be the 6th conference of this biannual series that assembles all supramolecular chemists and scientists from related fields for two daysWe would like to invite you to visit the conference homepage ( which provides regular updates about invited Keynote Lectures as well as detailed information about the technical and social program. We expect to open and announce the call for abstract submission in October.

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Systems Chemistry Symposium, 7-9 July 2021

Life-like emergent behavior in complex molecules and ensembles

This global virtual symposium will bring together leading scientists in the field of systems chemistry from US, Europe, Asia and Australia to present interactive talks with moderated discussion sessions and a Twitter-based poster session running throughout the event.

This interdisciplinary symposium will cover diverse aspects of the emerging field of systems chemistry, covering topics such as:

  • Dynamic Information of Molecular Assemblies
  • Origins and Synthesis of Life
  • Emergent Behaviors: From Catalysts to Motility
  • Active and Adaptive Materials Biological Networks
  • Systems Chemistry and the Coronavirus Crisis

You can read more about it here.

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DFG approves new Research Training Group

DFG to sponsor a new Research Training Group in physics and chemistry. Cooperation between Mainz University, TU Darmstadt, and the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research. Read the full press release.

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